Breeding, Sales & Management

Form Embryo to Olympic Level

Every year we breed a few top foals from mares with proven damlines that have a lot of sport on the highest level in it and for them we pick mostly commercial, proven stallions as we are already selling the foals and how the trend goes also embryos.

More and more the technique of embryo transfer is used, where – after insemination – an embryo is flushed from the donor mare and then put into the surrogate mare.
We use our own mares as surrogate mares; those are mares that we know for many years and most we have even bred ourselves, so we know them in and out. They had their own foals before, are excellent mothers and kind natured mares.


Buying a Foal

Once the foal is weaned off the mare and has settled down nicely, it can be transported to it’s new owner.
Otherwise it can stay here for rearing (where it is fully looked after and cared for; incl. wormers, vaccinations, farrier and if need be the vet) and then picked up when it is 3yo and ready for training.
It is also possible that after the first 3 years it then stays on for another 1-2 years and it will be trained here in The Netherlands, taken to it’s first competitions; basically brought on as far as the owner would like and then it will head to the owner.
All options are possible and we are happy to discuss your wishes.


Foal on order

Of course it is also possible to ‘order’ a foal, meaning; that you can choose one of our mares and a stallion and that we will then ‘produce’ that foal for you.


Buying an Embryo

In that case we will keep looking after the surrogate mare, foal her down, do everything necessary with the foal after birth and take care of it then. For the rest the same options as above are available.

You wonder if buying an embryo isn’t high risk as a lot can happen until it is born? That is true and therefore an insurance is taken out, where it is insured until 2 days after birth. If anything happens in that time you get your money back or even more, depending on what insurance you took out.

After the first two days, another (foal) insurance is taken out for the foal until after weaning and then another one after that. There are specialised insurances for all ages/stages of a horse’s life.
As foals/embryos/sporthorses of top quality come with a higher price tag, we advise to have them insured.
Luckily relatively little happens but if the unfortunate case occurs you might want to have insurance.


Have a well bred mare?

If you have an outstanding mare for sale (with top damline full of sport) or one that we could flush an embryo from, please do get in touch.


Want to buy an older horse?

While this is not our core business; if you are not looking to buy a horse at such a young age, we can find your perfect match for you, thanks to our many contacts worldwide.