Martinique van’t Meulenhof

BWP, 2012
Arko III x Marius Claudius x Quidam de Revel x Chin Chin x Pachat II x Fleuri du Manoir

Martinique is from the exeptional Qerly Chin damline which is full of 1m60 jumpers. She also jumped herself in Belgium and her mother is the 1m50 horse Darcotique van’t Meulenhof out of the 1m60 Narcotique de Muze IV (1m60 with Ludo Philippaerts).

Some famous Horses out of the damline are for example:

  • Jenson van’t Meulenhof – 1m60 – Niels Bruynseels
  • Qerly Chin – 1m60 – Ludo Philippaerts
  • Merveille de Muze – 1m60 – Trevor Coyle
  • Loro Piana Boyante de Muze – 1m60 – Carla Cimolai
  • Narcotique de Muze II – 1m60 – Eric Lamaze

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  • Narcotique de Muze IV – 1m60 – Ludo Philippaerts
  • Querlybet Hero – 1m60 – Philippe Lejeune
  • Farfelu de la Pomme – 1m60 – Js Verlooy
  • Sea Coast Ferly – 1m60 – Mary Looke
  • Giovani de la Pomme – 1m60 – Maelle Martin
  • Diablesse de Muze – 1m60 – Joe Clee
  • Ensor de Litrange LXII – 1m60 – Jos Lansink & Lorenzo de Luca
  • Daytona de Muze – 1m60 – Jody Bostels
  • Walnut de Muze – 1m60 – Harry Smolders
  • Toupie de la Roque – 1m60 – Julien Epaillard
  • Walloon de Muze – 1m60 – Michel Hecart
  • Derly Chin de Muze – 1m60 – Eric Lamaze
  • Everlychin de la Pomme – 1m60 – Shane Sweetnam
  • Fetard de la Pomme – 1m55 – Koen Vereecke
  • Kirschwasser SCF – 1m55 – Shane Sweetnam
  • Ducati van Schuttershof – 1m55 – Gilles Thomas
  • Werly Chin de Muze – 1m50 – Angelie von Essen
  • Falaise de Muze – 1m50 – Annelies Vorsselmanns
  • I’m Special de Muze – 1m50 – Zoi Snels
  • Vip de la Roque – 1m50 – Michel Hecart
  • Dansecour de Muze – 1m50 – Paolo Mencolini
  • Everest de Muze – 1m50 – Jennifer Gates
  • Iron Lady van’t Meulenhof – 1m50 – Keith Shore
  • Darcotique van’t Meulenhof – 1m50 – Marjan de Wachter
  • Bamboula de Muze – 1m50 – Orlando Izzo
  • Dieu Merci van’t Meulenhof – 1m45 – Julie Pellerin
  • L’Etoile van’t Meulenhof – 1m45 – Stephanie Vermeulen
  • L’Arcotique van’t Meulenhof – 1m40 – Marjan de Wachetr
  • Iron Man van’t Meulenhof – 1m40

Baya de Levaux

SF, 2011
Kannan x Heartbreaker x Jalisco B x Elf III x Rantzau XX x Obelisque II XX

Baya comes from the famous Grand Prix damline of ‘De Coquerie’. She jumped herself in young horse classes in France before going into breeding.
She also shares damline with Steve Guerdat’s top horse Victorio des Frotards, via Fronde du Poncel.

Some famous Horses out of the damline are for example:

  • Major de Coquerie – 1m60 – Kevin Staut
  • Perfect de Coquerie – 1m60 – Benjamin Robert & Georgina Bloomberg
  • Ulane de Coquerie – 1m60 – Alberto Zorzi
  • Ashkari –  1m60 – Yazmin Pinchen
  • Laurent – 1m60

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  • Rivage du Poncel –  1m60
  • Radiator II Jemen – 1m60 – Roberto Reynoso Fernandez Filho
  • Upfron –  1m55 – Lauren Hough
  • Premiere de Coeur – 1m45 Stefanie Fuchs
  • Marco di Piedimonte – 1m40 Matteo Leonardo
  • Belle Dame du Pratel – 1m40 Julien Gonin
  • And many more…

Cadrille d’Elle

SF, 2012
Arko III x Adelfos x Jalisco B x Uriel x Beau Prince II XX x Relic XX

Cadrille is a half sister to 1m60 jumping Tourterelle d’Elle. A damline full of top horses, also including the famous stallions Flipper d’Elle (1m60) and the rising star Urano de Cartigny (1m60 with Penelope Leprevost).

Some famous Horses out of the damline are for example:

  • Tourterelle d’Elle – 1m60 – Tony Hanquinquant
  • Double d’Elle – SF Approved Stallion
  • Flipper d’Elle – 1m60 – Laurent Goffinet
  • Urano de Cartigny – 1m60 – Penelope Leprevost
  • Tiara de Cartigny – 1m40 – Alain Behague

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  • Hadji d’Elle – 1m40
  • Kachemire d’Elle – 1m50 – Bertrand Pignolet
  • Ukrene d’Elle – 1m50 – Valentin Singer
  • Balko d’Elle – 1m40 – Jeremy Le Roy
  • Milady d’Elle – 1m45 –
  • Unzip d’Ick – 1m45 – Valentine Belooussoff)
  • Tiara de Cartigny – 1m40 – Alain Behague
  • Hadji d’Elle – 1m40
  • Balko d’Elle – 1m40 – Jeremy le Roy
  • Rick d’Ick – 1m40 – Ludovica Paleari Henssler
  • Paprika d’Elle – 1m40
  • Utopie d’Elle – 1m35 – Sergio Collado Rodrigo


HOLST, 2011
Clinton x Quidam de Revel x Ariadus x Contender x Constant x Sorgenbrecher XX

Cosette is closely related to the world famous Chin Chin and Can Ya Makan.
She jumped herself in young horse classes before going into breeding.
Also plenty of 1m60 and 1m50 horses in the damline and she i
s by the one and only Clinton (especially desired now as he is dead), who has tons of famous offspring and a very famous daughter at the moment – Clinta – who became 4th at the world championships in Tryon, America.

Some famous Horses out of the damline are for example:

  • Townhead Triggy Puh – 1m60 – Donald Whitaker
  • Can Ya Makan – 1m60 – Shane Breen
  • Quite Chin Chin – 1m60 – Anatoly Timchenko
  • Jolie Amie – 1m60 – Dirk Schroder
  • Cortender – 1m50 – Callan Solem


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  • Clarence X – 1m45 – Jamie Gornall
  • Gardento R – 1m45
  • Anett – 1m40 – Manuel Pinto
  • Aconto – 1m40
  • Calante Z – 1m40
  • Klitschko K – 1m35 – Jamie Gornall
  • Valente I – 1m35
  • Con Brio 8 – 1m35

And many more…


Siraxta Forlan

ISH, 2015
For Pleasure x Flagmount King (King of Diamonds) x Kildalton Gold x Fujiwara XX x Fair Turn XX

Forlan as a foal was reserve champion at the qualifier for the national foal championships in Ireland. She has not been in the sport yet, so she can have a few foals first.
She is by the mighty For Pleasure (who unfortunately passed away a few years ago). Her mother is by the best son of the well known stallion “King of Diamonds” who had a strong influence on the sport horse breeding in Ireland.
A nice outcross from the standard breeding in Europe.


KWPN, 2004
Numero Uno x Ahorn x Porter x Amor x Olaf van Wittenstein

This mare comes from the direct damline of Hickstead (Eric Lamaze) and Admara (Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo) who was 5th at the world championships in Tryon!

The mareline is filled with sporthorses and the mother herself (Zomara by Numero Uno x Ahorn) jumped before breeding.