Quabri de L’Isle x Arko III x Adelfos x Jalisco B x Uriel x Beau Prince II XX
18.4.2020 ET

Mare is a half sister to 1m60 jumping Tourterelle d’Elle. A damline full of top horses, also including the famous stallions Flipper d’Elle 1m60 and rising star Urano de Cartigny (1m60 with Penelope Leprevost).

Some famous 1.60m horses out of the damline are for example:

Tourterelle d’Elle – Tony Hanquinquant
Flipper d’Elle – Laurent Goffinet
Urano de Cartigny – Penelope Leprevost
Double d’Elle – SF Approved Stallion

Horsetelex Links:

Sire: Quabri de L’Isle https://www.horsetelex.nl/…/pedigree/411406/quabri-de-l-isle

Dam: Cadrille d’Elle https://www.horsetelex.nl/…/pedigree/1980495/cadrille-d-elle


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